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Apr 2022

NextGen Podcast | Cryptocurrency Explained – Embrace the Change

In this episode, Yamil Haidar from US Century and the Co Chair of the NextGen Committee, interview Pamela Clegg, the Vice President of Financial Investigations in CipherTrace.  Hoping you enjoy it!




Mar 2022

Conversation with Jordi Torras, FIBA Chair

David has a conversation with Jordi Torras, FIBA Chair.  He talks about his plans and strategy for this year. 

Oct 2021

NextGen Podcast Series | Harry Cupp interviews Alexander Fortich

In this episode Harry Cupp, FIBA Chair of NextGen Committee interviews Alexander Fortich, Chair of the AML Compliance Committee.  They discussed essential skills in compliance and banking.  

Oct 2021

Conversation with Michele Fernandez-Daniel, FIBA Chair.

In this episode, David Schwartz interviewed Michele Fernandez who is the current FIBA Chair. 

May 2021

What does the banker of the future need to be successful?

In this podcast we address this and other key topics in a chat between Next gen active committee members Harry Cupp, Compliance Officer of Banco de Bogotá, Miami and New York agencies, Sissy Oliver, Senior Manager of Protiviti, and our own FIBA CEO and President, David Schwartz.